Membedakan Tweet dan Retweeted

Menggunakan Tweeter API  (, bisa mendapatkan data public status (tweet).

Bagaimana membedakan Tweet dengan Retweeted ?

Retweeted mempunyai data/field: “retweeted_status”, sementara tweet tidak.

Contoh data  Retweeted daro Tweeter API:

    “place” : null,
    “contributors” : null,
    “retweeted_status” : {
        “created_at” : “Tue Apr 05 09:27:05 +0000 2016”,
        “id” : NumberLong(717282399114170369),
        “id_str” : “717282399114170369”,
        “text” : “Businessman Yusuf Abdi Aden wins first round of multi billion case against other Bluebird Aviation directors.”,
        “source” : “<a href=\”\” rel=\”nofollow\”>Twitter for Android</a>”,
        “truncated” : false,



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